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Automotive Roundtable in Beijing

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Introduction Automotive Roundtable:

Introduction Automotive Roundtable
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Beijing September Automotive Roundtable, September 4

- Mobility Deficiency - the Next Corporate Challenge - 

What will happen if your employees would no longer be able to reach the office, or worse, your customers? This Automotive Roundtable introduces the concept of “Mobility Deficiency”, the inability for corporates to maximise their potential because of congestion, limitation on plate numbers and continued urbanisation. Starting with a picture of the reality in today’s China, local and international Fleet Experts will discuss solutions for corporates, as well as the new approach to fleet sales for the Supply Chain. The Roundtable aims to contribute to mobility awareness and deliver tactical suggestions for fleet clients and suppliers to design a new model of collaboration.

…. Updates will follow soon….

Shanghai September Automotive Roundtable, September 6

- Quality Management in the Digital Era - 

“It feels as if two concepts collide – Quality Management in the Digital Era. Especially for well-established and quintessential manufacturers – particularly in the automotive industry, Quality Management has been a well-groomed discipline for as long as we can remember. As such, the question may arise quickly – why change a working system? What is digitalization able to improve that is already near perfection? Why and should something that has worked well over 30-40 years be likely improved by something that has only arisen in the past 5-10? Isn’t digitalization something better suited for Marketing?
Setting aside that Marketers and Salesmen may argue the same for their disciplines, digitalization may be one of the few transformative trends that in their nature span an organization’s (and industry’s) value change end-to-end. And thus, also the Quality Management discipline can benefit from digitalization’s promises. The most obvious is data. Modern analytics algorithms and systems allow us to predict likely quality defects before they actually happen. Manufacturers benefit from preventive maintenance and preventive design change to eliminate defects even before production. Less obvious, but already in experimentation stage: Using Augmented and Virtual Reality during the design stage to improve quality during the engineering stage. Ultimately, the deployment of Artificial Intelligence and Human/Machine Collaboration promises to reduce defect frequency, improve defect detection accuracy and – by Machine Learning – enabling enhanced Preventive Maintenance.This session dives into the subject of Quality Management in the Digital Era and promises to reconfirm the obvious, introduce the new and present the astounding.”

When: Thursday, September 6, 2018, 17:30 pm
     17:30 – 18:40 pm: Registration and Networking Dinner
  - Dinner costs will be paid to the restaurant separately by participants.     


18:45 pm: Presentation
By Mr. Roger Looney, VP of Vehicle Engineering - Vehicle Systems Development, including Electric Drivetrain & Autonomous Driving, Qoros
Roger Looney has 30 Years experience in automotive tooling, engineering and design and over 20 years experience in Asia. Current goals include utilizing that knowledge and experience to develop world class, exciting vehicles of the future.   
Specialties: Automotive Product Development and Launch, Electronics, Hybrid & EV development, Asia Mergers and Acquisitions, Six Sigma, Product Development, New Business Development in Asia, Team Building in China, Low Cost Country Sourcing, Contract Development and Negotiation in China, Korea, Japan.

19:05 pm: Presentation: Prediction beyond Quality Management Big Data
By Mr. Wilber Zhuang, General Manager, msg systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Wilber Zhuang, General Manager of msg China, is experienced for more than 10 years in providing automotive customer IT solutions in lean production and quality management. His automotive customers include BBA, Brilliance, Geely, XCE, Zotye, JMC.

19:25 pm: Presentation: Adaptation of the Digital Twin Philosophy for Digital Content Production
By Ms. Beatrix C. Frisch, General Manager & Mr. Johannes Rammensee, Head of Production, Mackevision China
In January 2015, Beatrix joined Mackevision through the German headquarters. Her task being to restructure the China business and to set up a production base in Beijing.
Beatrix received her degree in International and China Economics in Germany, having studied China Studies at the universities of Muenster and Bochum before this. After her degree, she worked for more than 15 years in the automotive industry. Being employed by different international OEMs, Beatrix collected a vast expertise in the automotive business of China. She worked in sales and marketing at headquarters and in the departments of various Joint Ventures all over China. She was employed at Volkswagen Group and its Chinese Joint-Ventures, BMW and Jaguar Land Rover. The fact that she is fluent in Chinese language supports all of her activities.

Since April 2016, Johannes serves as Head of Production for Mackevision China, located in Beijing. He is responsible for building up, training and overseeing the production team for creating print, film, web and XR (extended reality) content, with a focus on the automotive industry. Prior to the engagement in China, Johannes led the 3D Exterior Digital Content team at Mackevision headquarter in Stuttgart, Germany. Within the company, Johannes is esteemed as one of the best 3D artists being responsible for the beautiful images for renowned brands like Mercedes, Maserati and recently building up the real-time division with locally created content. On top, he created a new visual language for local brands like MG and Marvel on top-level. Johannes holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Bradford and is one of the longest serving members of Mackevision Group.

19:45 pm: Panel discussion: Quality Management in the Digital Era
Moderator: Mr. Michael Adick, Managing Director, Auto Industry, Accenture Greater China
Michael is Managing Director Automotive Industry at Accenture Greater China. With near 18 years of hands-on industry and consulting experience in China, Michael is intimately familiar with the automotive industry and focuses primarily on supporting the major automotive OEMs with their Strategy, Marketing, Sales and Aftersales topics in China.

20:05 pm: Q&A

       Sinan Mansions 523Fuxing Road,Bld 26D, Shanghai,China 200025
8 min walk from Metro lines Xintiandi station 10/13 exit 5 turn left!

Fee: 150 RMB/Person, incl. 1 Welcome Drink if registered by September 3
       250 RMB/Person, incl. 1 Welcome Drink at the door without registration
       Free for Annual Sponsors!

Language: English
If you like to attend, RSVP via email 
info(at) by September 3, 2018.

In case you register but cannot attend, please cancel your reservation before September 3, 2018. Otherwise you will be invoiced for the event.

2nd FMEA Forum China, Shanghai, October 25-26, 2018

FMEA Forum Introduction_English
2018 Flyer FMEA Forum_EN.draft8.pdf
PDF-Dokument [1.4 MB]
FMEA Forum Introduction_Chinese
2018 Flyer FMEA Forum_CN.draft8.pdf
PDF-Dokument [1.4 MB]

About the Event:
Since its foundation in 2005, the FMEA Forum became the most important meeting for FMEA user and experts in Germany. Now we introduced it to China and continue to build a platform for FMEA experts and practitioner in Asia.
Leading positions of FMEAs

Working in research/development

Design/Quality/Quality Assurance/Process department managers

FMEA users
People who are interested with VDA & AIAG FMEA

AIAG& VDA FMEA best practice
Questions and discussions with every speech
Meet the speakers
Panel discussion with participants of the attendees
World Café
Risk assessment in new technical industries
(Electrical Vehicle)
FMEA with function safety
FMEA and Industry 4.0
FMEA and complexity
Cultural variables within the risk management


  • Scott Gray | AIAIG Member of VDA/AIAG Standardization Committee
  • Tilman Tillman | General Manager | VDA QMC
  • Winfried Dietz | Founder & CEO | DIETZ CONSULTANTS
  • Lassie Li | General Manager | DIETZ CONSULTANTS
  • Mr. Jianhua Chen| Quality Director | Volkswagen FAW
  • Hellwig Dieter | Global Supplier Director | Bosch
  • Richard Feng | Quality Director | Iconiq Motors
  • Simon Crowhurst | Global Quality Director | Johnson Electric
  • Li Zhao | Global FMEA expert | Joson Safety Systems
  • Marcus Heine | Founder & CEO | Function safety expert 
  • Zhenliang Fu | Senior Reliability Director | CRRC Corp.
  • Mrs.Mabel |Quality Director | Spellman
  • Dr. Bin Chi |Senior Project Manager | Bosch Home Appliance

More speakers to be confirmed soon...

How to Participate
Sponsorships and Delegate Packages are available for booking now. Booking before August 31st, 2018 and save 10 % of the package price (Standard Package or Upgrade Package)

Company Partner Standard Package: RMB 39, 000 (incl. 6% tax)
企业赞助:人民币39, 000元(含6% 税)

Package Incl.企业赞助项目包括:
l Exhibition Spaces (8 m²) 8平米展位
l Lecture/Panel discussion (15 minutes) 演讲机会或参与专题讨论会(15分钟)
l 6 free tickets of the conference: incl. 25th welcome dinner, 25-26th whole day conference, conference materials, coffee breaks & lunch 6张免费参会门票(包括25日欢迎晚宴,25-26日全天会议,会议材料,茶歇&午餐等)
l Company exposure on all official programs & website官方日程及大会网站展示机会
l Company advertisement of 1 page (A5) within conference proceedings会议手册中双面广告(A5

Company Partner Upgrade Package: RMB 52,500 (incl. 6% tax)
企业赞助升级版:人民币52,500元(含6% 税)
Upgrade Package Incl. 升级企业赞助项目包括:
l Exhibition Spaces (12 m²) 12平米展位
l Lecture (15 minutes) 演讲机会(15分钟)
l 10 free tickets of the conference: incl. 25th welcome dinner, 25-26th whole day conference, conference materials, coffee breaks & lunch 10 张免费参会门票(包括25日欢迎晚宴,25-26日全天会议,会议材料,茶歇&午餐等)
l Exclusive Company exposure on all official programs & website官方日程及大会网站展示机会
l Company advertisement of 2 pages (A5) within conference proceedings会议手册中双面广告(A5
l Meet & greet support与会接待
Catering sponsoring
Exclusive display of sponsor logo e.g. TV screen, menu card, etc 独家展示机会(现场logo展示、大屏幕展示、菜单展示等)
l Get Together Dinner (evening at October 25): RMB 57,000 (incl. 6% tax)

晚宴赞助(1025日晚):57, 000元(包含6% 税费)
l Lunch-Option (October 25 or 26): RMB 45,000 (incl. 6% tax)
午餐赞助(1025/26日):45, 000元(包含6% 税费)
l Coffee-Break (October 25 or 26): RMB 30,000 (incl. 6% tax) 茶歇赞助(1025/26日):30,000元(包含6% 税费)

Additional Options:
Catering sponsoring (Exclusive display of sponsor logo (TV screen, menu card...))
Get Together Dinner (evening at 25th April): RMB 67,000 (incl. 6% VAT)
Lunch-Option (26th April): RMB 50,000 (incl. 6% VAT)
Coffee-Break (26th April): RMB 33,500 (incl. 6% VAT)


Delegate Package 个人参会RMB 5,200/Person (incl. 6% tax)

Two days Workshop & Conference, training materials,certificates, lunch & coffee breaks 
Early-Bird Rate: RMB 4,800/Person, if you register before  August 31st, 2018;  

Contact us:
To get the event agenda, please click here:
If you are interested in more information about the forum, or like to register, please feel free to contact us:
John Lai, Project Manager
T: +86 1064108459
M: +86 135552899583
Ms. Lassie Li, Dietz Consultants
T: +86 2583534568
M: +86 13851980669

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